Vision and Mission

Our Vision

“To develop NMR as International Pilgrim, Tourism, Agro based industries destination to attract Global Investment.” vision-mission

Our Mission

NMRDA is dedicated for careful planning & sound strategies to create bright future that offers better facilities for citizens in the Region and economic opportunities for their investors. To achieve our incredible vision, our mission is to :
  • Though foresighted strategies & hard work to create heaven for tourists & visitors by Eco-Tourism and contribute to National Economy.
  • To generate wealth creation opportunities & employment to promote Health sector in Regional Part Zone.
  • To promote & enhance the ease of doing business for Indian & Foreign Investors.
  • To promote & Frame attractive policies for Agro based Industries for socio-economic growth of NMR.
  • To generate & promote paramount livable life to the citizens in NMR.
  • Drive Green innovation with e-management & Digital information.
  • To frame & promote pilgrim policies & develop Hotel & Hospitality Industry.


  • To ensure proper utilization of land and to guide future development in disciplined and orderly manner.
  • To plan and provide the most efficient traffic – transportation network to improve connectivity.
  • To make the provision for social & physical infrastructure by minimizing the personal in equality
  • To make provisions for conservation of heritage structure.
  • To make policies to promote industrial activities
  • To make policies to promote Health industry, tourism industry
  • To make policies for higher livable index for citizens in NMR.