Nashik Metropolitan Region Development Authority,
Nashik Planning / Development Permit Department

Right to Information Act

Details of structure, functions and duties

  • Name: Nashik Metropolitan Region Development Authority, Development Permit Department
  • Address: Divisional Commissioner's Office Building, 2nd Floor, Nashik Road, Nashik
  • Head of the Office: Shri. Radhakrishna Game, IAS Metropolitan Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer, Nashik Metropolitan Region Development Authority, Nashik
  • Head of the Department: Smt. Sulekha Vaijapurkar, Metropolitan Planner (Development Permit)
  • Subordinate Ministries: Urban Development Departments
  • Jurisdiction: Nashik Metropolitan Region Development Authority boundary declared under notification No. MRD 3316 / Pr.No.102 / Navi-7, dated 01.03.2017 from Govt. Urban Development Department
  • Specific Tasks: To undertake development permits in Nashik metropolitan area as well as draft town planning plans and development plans where necessary for certain areas.
  • Goal Policy of the Department: As per the decision No. TPS-1817 / Q.173 / 17 / Nov-13, dated: 18.01.2018 from the Government Town Planning Department to the Authority for Pune Metropolitan Region, Maharashtra Regional Declared as a Special Planning Authority under Section-40 (1d) of the Planning and Town Planning Act, 1966.
  • To coordinate and supervise the proper, well-organized and rapid development of areas in Nashik metropolitan region. Preparation of projects for the development of the metropolitan region or any part of it by the authority itself or through other authorities or agencies and planning of any project or project in its entire area or in its area to be met from the metropolitan area development fund with the participation of any other authority for inter-regional development. Supervise implementation or otherwise ensure adequate supervision. As well as to prepare and plan for the development of such areas.

Rights and duties of officers and employees

  • Metropolitan Planner (Development Permit) - Head of the Department:
    1. Development Licenses in Nashik Metropolitan Region,
    2. Preparation of town planning in Nashik metropolitan area,
    3. Preparation of development plan in Nashik metropolitan area
  • With metropolitan planner :
    1. Development licenses in Nashik metropolitan region,
    2. Preparation of town planning in Nashik metropolitan area,
    3. Development plan etc. in Nashik metropolitan area. To assist in the work. To act as the first appellate authority.
  • Sub-metropolitan planner : To check the development permission of the area under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Planner (Development Permit) and submit it for approval / disapproval, to control the town planning plan undertaken in Nashik metropolitan area area, to prepare the development plan and to assist in this work. To act as Public Information Officer for the concerned taluka.
  • Assistant Planner : To prepare draft town planning plan for some parts of Nashik metropolitan region and to monitor the work of the consultant appointed for this purpose, to inspect the work done, to resolve the doubts of visitors and beneficiaries / citizens and to give necessary information / guidance in it. To do all the work that the Metropolitan Commissioner and the Chief Executive Officer and the Metropolitan Planner (Development Parangi) will appoint from time to time.
  • Clerk/ Computer Operator– To do all the computer work, prepare inward and outward record book, prepare meeting proposal, prepare notes, prepare correspondence / report, organize records / holdings, submit all the required monthly / half yearly / annual reports to the senior office, other times. Carry out all the work assigned by the officer class. Etc.
  • Peon : Carry out all the tasks assigned by the seniors.

Procedures to be followed in decision making process as well as supervision and accountability system


View all operations under the guidance of the Metropolitan Planner (Development Permit).

Standards for self-performance

The Maharashtra Regional Planning and Town Planning Act, 1966 sets out specific standards.

Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals and Records that they have or control or use by their staff to carry out their functions

  1. Maharashtra Regional Planning and Town Planning Act, 1966
  2. Rules made under the provisions of Maharashtra Regional Planning and Town Planning Act, 1966
    • a) Territorial Planning Rules
    • b) Town Planning Rules, 1974
  3. Development Control and Promotion Regulations, 2013
  4. Maharashtra Right to Information Act, 005

Details of any existing arrangements for consulting or making statements with the public regarding the formulation or implementation of your policy:

Upon receipt of the application, the grievances / complaints lodged with the complainant are resolved.

Meetings of boards, councils, committees, and other outcomes, consisting of two or more persons, as part of your or for the purpose of counseling, are open to the public, or how or how the proceedings of such meetings are made available to the public? Details about it -

Not relevant.

Procedures for implementation of the Financial Assistance Program as well as details of the funds allocated and the beneficiaries of such programs:

This department does not have separate individual beneficiary plans

Details of persons who have been granted concessions, licenses or authorizations:

Not relevant.

Details regarding the information available to them in electronic form or in their possession:

Not relevant.

Details of facilities available to citizens for access to information, as well as library or library times being chewed for public use

Applying for RTI Incoming section Related Clerk / Assistant Planner Sub-metropolitan Planner / Assistant Planner
Obtaining information about the services mentioned in Section 4 (1) (b) (1). Incoming section Related Clerk
  1. Office hours: 9.45am to 6.15pm
  2. The office will be closed every weekend of the month.
  3. The office will be closed on public holidays announced by the government from time to time.

Names, designations and other details of public information officers:

  1. Deputy Planner and Public Information Officer (Development Permit)
  2. The Co-Planner (Development Permit) is the first Appellate Authority